Aqua titanium Tape roller (3.8cm x 4.5m) therapist packaging of 10 rolls


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The Aqua titanium tape roller is glued directly to stress areas of the muscles. The plaster on the role are very suitable for larger stress areas such as the shoulders, the lower back and the knees. You can also be glued during exercise right in the area of the muscle insertion. The athletic ability can thus be improved. The Aqua titanium tape rolls are elastic and therefore are ideal for mounting on joints. They can be tailored to the desired size.

The skin circulation is stimulated, muscle tension be resolved. The movability in the joints is improved. The bioelectrical impulses are normalized and compensated.

The patches can be left 2-3 days on the treated site. Then remove or replace them with new pavement.

The Aqua Titanium Tape roller is also suitable for PHYSIOTAPING. – Aqua Titanium – Elastic tissue – muscle tension in the neck and shoulder area – tension in the lower back – pain in the joints


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