X30 necklace strip Gray White


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The X30 necklace strip Gray White is a stylish and functional accessory designed to promote better energy flow and muscle relaxation.

The X30 necklace is made from three types of titanium.
The core of the necklace contains micro titanium beads and carbonized titanium. This core is covered with a fiber fabric that is impregnated with aquatitan.

The products marked with X30 contain titanium in 30 times the density.

The X30 necklace is recommended for stubborn tension in the neck and shoulder area.

It is very suitable for long periods of work at the computer to relax the neck area. It is also suitable for wearing during sports to improve athletic skills. The X30 necklace can also be worn around the wrist and ankle.

Care instructions:
It is recommended to take the X30 necklace off when showering.
If necessary, it can be cleaned by hand with a little mild detergent.

– Aquatitan in 30-fold density (textile)
– Carbonized titanium (core)
– micro titanium beads (core)


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