Aquatitan Sport Shorts 1/4 Black


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Phiten’s Aquatitan Sport Shorts 1/4 Black promote muscle relaxation and alleviate fatigue for athletes, with a quarter-length design for maximum mobility.

The new sports shorts are impregnated with Aquatian, a water-soluble form of Titan. They are close-fitting and fit comfortably to the body shape due to the specially placed seams. The material is breathable and moisture-permeable. The body temperature can be optimally maintained even during intensive, athletic activity.

Aquatitan is evenly contained throughout the textile. It can support the lower back, hips and also legs at the same time.

The sports shorts can be worn both in everyday life under the usual clothes, as well as under the sportswear. They support the release of tension from the lower back to the leg muscles.

Worn during sports, they help to facilitate movement and minimize feelings of fatigue in the mentioned areas. In everyday life, the shorts are often worn by people who have to stand a lot and for a long time at work.

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3L (104-114cm), L (84-94cm), LL (94-104cm), M (76-84cm), S (68-76cm)


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