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Find the inner balance

How is it that life manifests itself in the form of a human body that moves, feels, perceives, breathes, evolves, has consciousness, or can heal and transform itself? Thanks to it, we are able to live and experience life. Its movements can be controlled by us partly consciously, partly this happens unconsciously.

The functioning of the organs corresponds to a complicated interplay of physical movements and electrochemical impulses. Our body reacts and generates forces that keep it in balance or set it in motion. Its bones are designed to carry the appropriate weight. The blood flows at just the right speed and without significant turbulence: If it flowed faster, we would be at risk of heart attacks or strokes; if it flowed slower, we would die from lack of oxygen.

The body is a marvel in which numerous energetic processes take place, interact, generate and regulate each other. Phiten has developed a variety of products that promote our inner balance and thus increase our quality of life.

Improve communication in the body

In order for the complex interplay of mental processes, emotional reactions, and movement actions to be possible at all, the body needs a system to be able to receive, process, forward, and network information. It owes its ability to communicate with itself to the migration of electrical charges under the influence of electric fields.

Every living cell uses electricity in one form or another. Today we know that the functions of nerves, muscles, and organs are controlled by electricity, that basically all bodily functions are electrical in some way. Muscle cells, for example, are stretched or contracted by electrical impulses.

The specially treated titanium in Phiten’s various products has a harmonizing effect on the body’s bioelectric processes and supports various functions of the body.

Favor the relaxation

Relaxation is a mental and physical process that evolves from being activated to being deactivated, approaching a state of calm fluid equilibrium.  What we know about the nervous system and our mental activities can be expressed in one basic principle: relaxation is the direct reversal of nervous excitement. (It is the absence of nervous excitation, i.e. nerve and muscle impulses).

Thanks to Phiten’s titanium products, the electrochemical currents in the body are regulated. This improves information transfer within the body, optimizes any kind of mental and physical activity, and generally promotes the ability to relax. By using Phiten products, immediate relaxation reactions are triggered.

Improve the quality of life

Electrical signals in nerve cells result from the flow of differently charged ions (electrically charged atoms or groups of atoms) in the membranes. An initial stimulus activates a chain of opening and closing of the channels, allowing ion flow and thus changing the membrane potential.

Neurotransmitters are used to transmit signals from one nerve to another or to a muscle. The brain is thus both an electrochemical transmitter and receiver. The information in the form of electrochemical signals is decoded based on the pulse frequency.

The Japanese chiropractor Hirata has developed a revolutionary process (phild processing) that allows titanium particles and gold particles to be treated in such a way that they are able to regulate and harmonize the body’s electrical currents.

Optimize the ability to act

In order for movement behavior in sports to achieve a certain quality of implementation, the necessary coordinative and conditional prerequisites must be created. Numerous athletes have noticed that with the help of Phiten products they have a more economical movement behavior, a better stretching ability, or a more differentiated force sensation.

They are able to activate specifically those muscle parts (motor units) that are needed for a corresponding movement. Information of the kinesthetic sense (feeling of movement) can be processed more easily and the energetic dosage of a movement execution can be realized effortlessly. The ability to rhythmic or to implement a harmonious flow of movement are decisive characteristics of the quality of movement. In this sense, spontaneous, creative, and confident execution is made possible.

It is particularly interesting that athletes repeatedly find that they are able to successfully perform their tasks even under difficult emotional conditions at a competition because they have greater mental strength. Thus, emotional flexibility, strength, and resilience can be increased. Thus it becomes possible to dispose of one’s full potential at the competition.

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