Since 1983 Phiten from Japan stands for high-quality therapy and sport and wellness products with the patented AQUA METAL technology. 

With over two hundred Phiten stores or Phiten therapy and wellness studios around the world, Phiten and AQUA METAL technologies have become synonymous with regeneration and relaxation, not just in Asia. Phiten technologies have been used for decades to relieve stress-related ailments such as muscle tension in relaxation treatments.

The products convince both professional and private sector, are easy to use and very high quality, made in Japan. The award-winning, patented AQUA METAL technology and modern product design are the keys to a new, contemporary lifestyle: stay active and relax! Because only a relaxed muscle is a powerful muscle. Several studies have been conducted in which the question has been raised as to how much Aquatitan technology, in particular Aquatitan tapes, can relieve pain. The results of these scientific studies (Society of Aqua Metal Reserach) can be found on In Switzerland too, the popularity of Phiten Titan cassettes is constantly increasing. 1.5 billion feed strips have been sold worldwide.

Whether tweaking or tweaking, these small round strips with Aquatitan technology are robust. All Titan ribbons from Phiten are routed directly to places where you want to improve your physique. Phiten products have been developed in Japan from the treatment of pain. This method is most likely compared to the practices of TCM or acupressure, where the focus is on activation of the energy flow. All Phiten products have a relaxing effect.

The range of products is extensive: necklaces, bracelets, bandages, back straps, roller ribbons that can be attached as kinesi tape or physical tape. Then you will find the popular power tape X30 or titanium coated at home. These are the most popular tapes that should barely be missed in a medicine chest. Health-conscious people, but also amateur athletes or high-level athletes, are aware of the relaxing effect of Phiten energy products and are successfully used around the world. Phiten's technology is based on Aquatitan, Aquagold, Aquapalladium, Aquasilber technologies.

Finely distributed precious metal particles (colloidal aqueous solutions) serve as a support for energy-physical transfer and are incorporated into the fibers of Phiten products.

All textile fibers used, such as those for wrapping energetic fabric warps, be it in the fibers of popular knee bandages, t-shirts, shorts, leggings or socks are impregnated with Aquatitan or Aquagold, Aquapalladium or Aquasilber. These particles remain like the paint particles, even after repeated washing in the fibers and guarantee the phiten effect even after a long use. As foot problems have increased considerably, Phiten has also focused on foot treatment recently. With the world's unique mid-foot massage device, Aquasilver insoles, mid-foot bandages, Phiten has also adapted the range to the well-being of the feet.

If anyone is skeptical about Phiten technology, the bands are the best to convince themselves of their effectiveness.

If this changes, paste a Phiten tape directly there. You can use feed belts, pre-cut strips and elastic bands. The tape should be applied as precisely as possible where you want to feel the effect, whether on the neck, shoulders, back, knees or feet. Your body will react very quickly and quickly. you quickly develop confidence in other products, such as knee bandages, straps or insoles.

If you want to use Phiten technology every day, Life Style energy necklaces or bracelets are preferable.

Wearing the nape of the neck, these sport or jewelery necklaces work exactly where the nerves of the head and body touch. Test the products yourself, they will be quickly enthusiastic. We will be happy to advise you in the Phiten shop in Berne as well as by phone. Therapists, pharmacies, pharmacies or other resellers, we provide point-of-sale materials free of charge, such as displays, catalogs and leaflets. Phiten products have been on the Japanese market since 1985 and have established themselves worldwide as a therapy or wellness product.

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