Aquatitan sport long socks black 22-24 cm, double pack


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Les Aquatitan Sport Long Socks Black Double Pack is a set of two high-performance sports socks designed for active individuals. They are 22-24 cm in size and feature Phiten’s AquaTitan technology, which helps to regulate body temperature and promote muscle relaxation during exercise. The long length of the socks provides additional support and protection to the calf muscles, while the breathable material ensures optimal airflow to keep your feet cool and comfortable. Whether you’re running, training, or playing sports, the Aquatitan Sport Long Socks Black are a great addition to your athletic gear.

In our assortment, we also have half-length sports socks (up to about mid-calf). The material of the socks is impregnated with Aquatitan. Aquatitan contains the metal titanium finely distributed in the water. In this form, it is possible to impregnate various materials with Aquatitan.

The half-length sports socks are very suitable for people who often have cold feet, especially in the autumn and winter months. To improve blood circulation, they can be worn in everyday life, as well as during sports instead of conventional socks.


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