Massage Titan Roller (Body & Face)


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The titan roller can be used to gently massage the face and body. The body’s self-healing powers are activated and a balance in the body’s energy system is restored and/or preserved. The complex facial muscles are relaxed and skin circulation is stimulated. This can also improve the nourishment of the skin. The whole body can be treated with the roller. Not only the energy flow in the body is improved. The lymph flow is also supported and thus the removal of harmful waste products in the body. The acupressure button at the end of the handle contains gold silica. This can be used to treat specific acupressure points on the body. The titanium roller can also be combined with the titanium ban tapes and the e-Water.

– Roller:Titanium (Phild-processed) – Inside: Neodymium magnet (permanent magnet) – Grip tip: Elastomer with gold silica for acupressure treatments.

– Activates the energy flow in the body – Improves the lymphatic flow and thus the removal of waste products – Muscle relaxing, vitalizing


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